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Our Story

Ice hockey and hot wings have always belonged together.

This was proven in Espoo as well, as Harri Lehtonen and

Toni "Mäkkäri" Mäkiaho shook hands and put on their aprons.

In the fall of 2016, the hot wings culture was introduced to southern Finland, as Siipiweikot made their nest in

Iso Omena's M.E.E.T. food court.

The orange fever had taken over Espoo.

The fall of 2022 will usher in a new era.

Siipiweikot Iso Omena will continue their operation

as McGary's Wing Bar.

Same old recipe and same old procedure;

hot wings and cold beer.

McGary's Wing Bar seats more than 100 customers

and we've got a terrace inside the mall as well.

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